A New Blog for a New Year

It’s the last day of 2014. Thank God. I’m not sure I’ve had a year, in a very long time, that I can come to the end of it and say, “That was a good year.” This year was no different.

2014 brought a host of new issues into our lives. The mold issues in the house, a decline in my health and my kids’ as a result, depression in both my husband and myself, and a serious relapse in anxiety. We learned that five of our kids have a disease that may lead to blindness in the next few years and yet again, there was no raise at work to cover the expenses. More disease, more needs, larger expenses, and yet less money and little to no energy to deal with it all. Hope seems very far away and I don’t remember what it looks like.

Maybe my standards are too high. Maybe I need to remember the world is broken and be more thankful for the good things. I got to admit, the good things are hard to see when the “bad things” seem so big. And this year, the bad things were pretty big.

But tomorrow is a new year. A new beginning. A chance to look at the world differently. Really, it’s just the next day. It’s not really anything more than a Thursday following a Wednesday, but still, I can make it new. I can decide that tomorrow will be different than today. Tomorrow will be a new year and maybe this new year will prove to be better than this last year.

But if it’s not, and it very well may not be, I do have this. I know…I know that someday, God will make all things new and the brokenness will be gone. Fractured relationships will be restored, eyesight will not dim, anxieties will melt away into peace, and broken bodies will be made whole.

I have hope that 2015 might be better than 2014. But if it’s not, I know there will come a new beginning, someday, where I will have full assurance that this new beginning will be better than the old. And someday, I will never again have to say, “Maybe this year will be better than the last.”

Happy New Year, friends. May 2015 be a year of rejoicing in your household.



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