A Journey of Stories

I’ve been in therapy for over a year. I have been diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and Panic Disorder. I’m in a much better place than I was a year ago, by God’s grace, but I’m not done yet. There’s a lot to unpack and there’s a lot to work through. I still have triggers that send me into panic attacks. I still struggle with anxiety. But, after hundreds of baby steps, I’m further down that road to recovery, though I probably have many more baby steps until the end of the journey.

I’ve been sharing some of my stories with friends and shared with my church last Lent. I’ve had a complicated life, filled with seemingly one tragedy after another, much of it in the last few years has been with the Church. When I share these stories, people seem to be moved by them.

God has brought me through a crazy journey filled with ups and downs and tragedies of all kinds and I think, I know, that my stories have moved people, helped people, and opened the eyes of some. Some stand there simply with their jaws open and nothing to say because it’s just too hard to believe. For some, I’m just telling the story on their behalf, because they’re still there, drowning in that ocean with no land in sight. And they’re hurting. And someone needs to speak for them.

And so, because I’ve been asked, and because I think God wants me to, I intend to begin telling these stories. Some I’ve shared, some I’ve never shared because I was too afraid. I’ve been afraid that people would think I was weak, or think I was naive, or think I was gossiping (the worst evil out there), or just think I was a horrible person, a horrible wife and a horrible mother. And I have been at times. But God is forever redeeming my inadequacies and even my sins.

So, I don’t know where this is going and it’s not likely to be in any chronological order. Rather it will be a meandering, “random chaos” of stories. I hope these stories will bring light where there is darkness and hope for those who need hope.

I have hope, that the God of all plans, the Planner of all things, has a purpose in all this that will bring about greater good for the Kingdom of God.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.


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