My Life: The TV Series

tvHave you ever read a story or watched a TV show where the plot just kept getting worse and worse and you finally gave up because you knew the writer was just making up more drama to draw people in, but it was getting so over the top it was no longer believable? Can one more really, rare traumatic thing actually happen to the same people? I mean how many times can one person be the victim of a natural disaster or major life trauma? It’s just too much, so you quit. It’s not even realistic anymore.

Yeah, so that’s how I feel about my life. If I wasn’t living it, I wouldn’t believe it was real.

So I thought it would be interesting to tell snippets of my story as if it were a TV drama. I’m going to release one season at a time. So here is season one. The other seasons will follow soon.

Season One Synopsis:

Season one begins with our heroine, a teenage girl, living in the inner city in an abusive home, trying hard to fight everything stacked against her, poor school, poor family, poor town, to get good grades and make a life for herself. She was going to do it differently. She would beat the odds. The audience is rooting for her.

Over the course of the season, our heroine would had have survived being caught up in a gang, witnessed the murder of a friend, dated a lot of losers, been raped several different times, shaved her head in response, was strangled once, had a vision of God, struggled with an alcohol problem, was chased by someone with a knife, attempted suicide, spent time in a mental hospital, became a Christian in a mental hospital, ran away from home a bunch of times, and graduated Salutatorian in spite of all.

For the season finale, the heroine moves out days after her eighteenth birthday. It’s a tense episode, with a comedic relief throughout. Plans of the secret moving out are derailed in the ways they can only be derailed in sitcom television shows. In the middle when the hood of the “get away” car flies up and the driver nearly drives off the road is a good example of plans not going the way intended. Not funny for the heroine, but hilarious to the audience. It ends with freedom for our heroine, and a new start, but deep grief and loss as we leave her sitting on the steps of a friend’s house crying for the brokenness between her and her parents.


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