Season Five

tvI am writing the story of my life as a TV series synopsis. For more information and to begin at the beginning, click here.

Season Five Synopsis:

It begins with the family packing a U-haul to move across the country since the job wasn’t enough to keep the lights on and the babies fed. They move to a place where they know no one, but there are high hopes for a better life.

The audience watches them adjust and get used to a new place. It’s definitely a comedy at times. The job’s not bad, but it’s definitely not living well by any stretch. We still see them struggle in that regard.

They have a bit with a dog, because dogs are funny.

Another episode we find out they’re pregnant. The following episode they have a miscarriage. It’s tragic and beautiful. The community rallies around the new family and takes care of them.

Later in the season, they become pregnant again. This time it seems the baby will survive.

The next episode and the season finale, we have the heroine’s in-laws come to visit. It’s a sweet family drama episode, deepening the depth of the relationship between the families. A few days pass and the camera zooms in on the phone ringing. It’s bad news. The mother-in-law has been stung by a bee and collapsed. They jump into the car to race back. Meanwhile, the audience sees the mother-in-law at the hospital. The doctors are trying, but her heart monitor goes flat. It flashes back to the couple on the side of the road. They obviously heard. The camera pans out revealing the two of them holding each other, sobbing under a red blood moon. Fade to black.


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