Season Six

tvI am writing the story of my life as a TV series synopsis. For more information and to begin at the beginning, click here.

Season Six Synopsis:

Our heroine and her husband and their now four children find themselves in a cult-like church were the pastor thinks he’s walking divinity, calling himself “God’s Anointed” and they begin to realize they’re in a really weird church.

Add a sister-in-law to the cast who comes to live with them to help with their four kids. The full house makes for some funny episodes.

Another episode throws in the sudden death of sixteen year old boy to amp the drama and remind the audience that the show can be serious too.

Continuing episodes reveal the adoption of some patriarchal theology and lifestyle changes including headcoverings and denim jumpers, and restrictive views on women. The heroine’s family is looking pretty odd and the audience isn’t quite sure what to think. This is obviously going no where good.

They have another baby. It’s a home birth. It’s odd and filled with comedy and drama as the midwife doesn’t make it to the birth and the live-in sister-in-law catches the baby, nearly drops him, but all is well. He’s born happy and healthy. The audience feels good.

Then the next batch of episodes show how they all get whooping cough including their six-week old baby, and he might not survive. That makes a few good, intense episodes.

But to increase the drama even more, the writer gives the baby who survived the whooping cough a couple hernias on top of it. He survives the surgeries and the audience is happy. The boy is well, but not before one last episode where he nearly loses a toe from a tightly wound hair around his little toe. Who even knew that kind of thing could happen?

Then toward the end of the season, the weird church plot line begins to take precedence and in the season finale the family is part of a heart-wrenching church-split ending with being shunned by everyone.


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