Season Seven

tvI am writing the story of my life as a TV series synopsis. For more information and to begin at the beginning, click here.

Season Seven Synopsis:

Last season was good, but if the writer is going to grow the audience, it’s got to get better, so Season Seven, we find the heroine, her husband, the sister-in-law that lives with them, and their five children standing in the front of a church while the husband takes vows on behalf of the family that they will join this church and vow to submit to the leadership of that church. The music is foreboding.

This new church is just as weird as the previous one (cause why should they find a normal church, that would be boring).

The heroine is pregnant again.

An episode or two after this announcement we have the tragic episode where our heroine’s mother dies suddenly from a heart attack. No one could have foreseen it. This begins a faith crisis and the heroine curses God and leaves the faith.

They have their sixth child. During the birth, the heroine’s uterus collapses and she hemorrhages, and it makes for a great medical episode.

Shortly after, they have a house fire and as the family runs through the house to recover all the children and pets, they discover their belongings are worthless. All that matters is family. It’s devastating and heart-breaking, but somehow sweet as the family of nine, all unharmed, check into a hotel.

They spend several weeks at the hotel and some of the episodes are funny as they try to juggle a family of nine in two rooms at a hotel. The large group stick out as they all wander in their pjs and socks to hurry to the hotel breakfast, among traveling professionals. It’s a humorous series for the audience, but wearing heavily on the family as time passes.

They spend Christmas in the hotel while they fight their insurance company to care enough to let them return to their lives. At the same time they deal with identity theft, because why not add more drama? Makes for some good episodes over the winter season.

Increasing throughout the season, our heroine’s health begins failing and she starts having panic attacks and an emotional breakdown. Her faith is returning slowly. In the meantime, will they move back into their house any time soon???


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