Season Eight


I am writing the story of my life as a TV series synopsis. For more information and to begin at the beginning, click here.

Season Eight Synopsis:

The family spends a month in the hotel after the house fire. It wasn’t all bad. Two suites, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, free breakfast, coffee, housekeeping, cable, an indoor pool and hot tub.

It’s chaotic and stressful and fun all at the same time. The quirky family keeps their frog in a jar on the kitchenette counter by the jar with the rescued fish. The massive amounts of laundry pile up in the corners of the rooms with the occasional trip to a friend’s house to borrow a washer. The dishes from two rooms are collected and tables are shoved together filling the room with chairs to seat a family of nine all together to enjoy dinner in a tiny cramped space. But they’re together and they give thanks.

They decorate for Christmas and put up a little tree and use the fireplace. They make the best of the crazy situation, because this isn’t going to stop them from eating as a family and enjoying the holidays. God is still good…even in this.

But it wasn’t home. So as soon as the fire marshall gives his approval, they are happy to move home and celebrate the New Year in their home, still smelling of fire, still in need of various repairs, fans and ozone generators running at full blast make it hard to hear, so everyone is shouting, but at least they are home. So they throw a New Year’s Eve party. Because God is good, and maybe this next year will be better than the last.

Another episode, a raccoon has moved into the attic, while they were gone. The family is trying to remove a raccoon with strobe lights and loud music. Anywhere you go in the house, you can hear the raccoon party going on in the attic. Eventually they trap him and release him into the country and all ends happily for the raccoon and for the family.

But as the season progresses, the episodes get more serious as they discover the ramifications of patriarchy in their family and tensions increase with the conservative church they are a part of. There are lots of drama episodes throughout the season, as they are debating various points of theology with each other and their church leadership.

Our heroine is beginning to deny patriarchal theology, but fears excommunication if she doesn’t fully submit to both her husband and the leaders of her church. She struggles with deep questions about her value as a woman in Christ, in society, in the church, and in marriage, while in a church that generally denies any real value to women apart from their ability to have lots of children and be in complete submission to their husbands in everything.

The heroine is beginning to emotionally fall apart and most episodes end with her crying and pleading to her husband and to God to let them free of this place. Her health is continuing to decline and anxiety and panic attacks are an every day issue. It’s turning into a really dark drama.



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