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I am writing the story of my life as a TV series synopsis. For more information and to begin at the beginning, click here.

Current Season Synopsis:

In this season, the heroine and her husband find much healing in their marriage through difficult conversations and therapy, and learn a new term, “egalitarianism.” The heroine likes it and insists it’s her new favorite word. They work on living out their marriage in light of this new theology.

But healing marriages and good churches make for good endings, not good stories. So the writer changes course.

There is a discovery that the oldest child has a rare inherited eye disease, Stargardt’s Disease, that likely leads to blindness. It’s an inherited disease, though neither of the parents have symptoms. There’s a chance the other kids will have it, so they are all tested.

The audience discovers with the heroine and her husband that five of their six children have this rare disease. It’s earth shattering for them. The heroine and her husband are both overcome with grief and pray continuously for miraculous healing. It’s hard to focus on anything else.

They schedule an appointment with a specialist who can tell them if this rare disease is the kind that remains mostly inactive or if it’s the kind that will lead to blindness at an early age. They fear for their children. What will life look like with five blind children?

They find themselves asking why is God doing all these things to them? Is God really good in light of everything? Does He even care?

Tune in March 17th for the next episode in this series, when the children take a trip to Chicago to find out if they will go blind or not.


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