About the Writer


I am writing the story of my life as a TV series synopsis. For more information and to begin at the beginning, click here.

Thanks for tuning in to this odd series. As I said in the beginning, I sometimes stop and look at my life and it just feels so over the top, like a crazy on-going TV show. I didn’t write this to make little of my story, or to pick on my previous churches or anyone in particular. It’s been a crazy, heart-breaking, tragic, funny, crazy (have I already said that) story. And if it weren’t my story, I wouldn’t even believe it.

It’s been a test of my faith, and it still is at times, but for the most part, I’ve come to a place where I know, or at least usually I know, that God is good. He is the Writer of this story. And even though He keeps bringing tragedy after tragedy, I know He has a great ending in store.

A good writer wouldn’t write such an up and down story such as this, filled with tragedy and comedy and horror, and not end it with a something beautiful, amazing, and life-changing. It’s finale, whatever season that ends up being, is sure to rock this world.

And so, regardless of what happens in this next episode, in the next season and seasons, I will give myself into the hands of the Writer of my story and I will play my part in it. He knows the end of my story and I know He is a good Writer. He loves each and every one of us the stories He writes for us. So whatever happens, it will be a victorious ending, good for me and good for the world.

And while I say these things, I will also admit that I am not perfect in this faith. Not even a little. I believe this with all my heart, and then a week later I don’t and I curse God, again. And then I’m strong again in my faith. It’s a process…a journey of ups and downs and believing and doubting. I’m not as strong as I want to be. But through continuous support from my friends and family, by the grace of God through the Spirit, I keep holding on, keeping the faith, and trusting that God is good, even when it doesn’t look like it.

A quote I have held onto for years, that was really profound for me at the time, came from an old tv show, Dark Angel, when a character named Herbal Thought is talking with another character, Zack:

HERBAL: ’Tis the will of the Almighty. That’s it.

ZACK: People get killed, there are homeless everywhere…it is not all good.

HERBAL: His plan is all good, all the time.

His plan is all good. All the time.

So friends, pray for my family. On March 17th, Isaac and Noah will be the first of the kids to be seen by one of the best specialists in the states on this disease. He will hopefully be able to diagnose for us and let us know if this disease is the type that leads to blindness.

I would love to announce that in the next episode, that the Writer wrote up a miracle, a unexplained healing. The doctors were baffled. Wouldn’t that be a grand addition to the story?

And if not, I would like us all to still be able to say, “Tis the will of the Almighty. His plan is all good. All the time.”

Thanks for being a part of my story.


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